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Fight Fake Accounts with Sift Science

Webinar • 40 min video

Learn how Account Abuse Prevention allows you to add more real users without the worry of fake accounts.

Sift Science Console Demo (Portuguese)

Video • 4 min video

Aprenda como a Sift Science ajuda empresas on-line a acabar com fraude e veja um tour da nossa interface.

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sift Science

Webinar • 43 min video

Learn how to make the most of the Sift Science console and fight fraud more effectively.

Account Takeover Prevention

Webinar • 39 min video

Learn how Account Takeover Prevention allows you to secure your customers' trust by protecting their accounts from hackers.

Guide to Preventing Payment Fraud

Webinar • 31 min video

Learn how real-time machine learning can help to reduce chargebacks while automatically accepting more payments.

Account Takeover Prevention

Video • 4 min video

Learn how Account Takeover Prevention uses machine learning to detect malicious logins, while removing friction for good users.

Technical Deep Dive - Workflows & Review Queues

Webinar • 45 min video

Learn how you can move your fraud business logic into Sift Science so that it's easier to maintain and customize.

An Overview of Sift Science’s New Workflows and Review Queues

Webinar • 25 min video

Learn how to build and manage your fraud business processes with Workflows. We’ll walk you through setting up automated decisions and manual review.

Sift Science Best Practices

Webinar • 25 min video

Learn tips and tricks for using the Sift Science console for fraud review.

Fraud Basics

Webinar • 60 minute video

Get an overview of how chargebacks work, and learn how to detect and prevent online fraud.

What is Sift Science?

Video • 2 min video

Learn how Sift Science predicts fraud in real time – with unparalleled accuracy – so you stay ahead of the bad guys.

Machine Learning Demystified

Webinar • 50 min video

All about machine learning – the future of fraud fighting.

About Sift Science

Video • 2 min video

Hear Sift Science's exec team describe the power of using machine learning to detect and prevent fraud.

Machine Learning at OpenTable

Webinar • 45 min video

A case study in how OpenTable takes the risk out of real-time commerce.

How Machine Learning Powers Real-Time Mobile Commerce

Webinar • 45 min video

HotelTonight,, and Sift Science discuss meeting customer expectations in the real-time economy without increasing risk.

How Does Sift Science Work?

Video • 4 min video

A deeper dive into how the get the most out of Sift Science's APIs and Console.

KSL Testimonial

Video • 3 min video

After integrating Sift Science in just a few weeks, KSL dropped its fraud review time by nearly 80%.

OpenTable Testimonial

Video • 2 min video

Learn how OpenTable used Sift Science to slash its manual fraud review rate from 30% to 5% in just a year.

Zoosk Testimonial

Video • 2 min video

Learn how Zoosk used Sift Science to improve the user experience for their 35 million members worldwide.

Sift Science’s Win at Phocuswright 2017

Video • 3 min video

A highlight video of Kevin Lee, Trust and Safety Architect, at Phocuswright 2017 where Sift Science won the Launch People’s Choice Award for Innovation.


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Thousands of businesses use us in different ways, whether it's to fight chargebacks, fake accounts, or spammers!

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Nick Elser,Engineer at Instacart

We integrated the API calls in an hour and started getting results back almost immediately. The API documentation was clear and simple, which made the whole experience easy as a developer.

Robbie Fritts,Senior Fraud Manager

Sift Science is changing the landscape of fraud detection. They have seamlessly taken a world-class machine learning platform and turned it into an easy-to-use product that has tangible impact. Sift's algorithms write fraud rules for you so you can focus on investigations instead of SQL queries.

Benjamin Bryant,Director of E-Commerce

During the holiday season, Sift Science allowed us to massively scale our order flow without the burden of an overly large fraud team. Their 'moneyball' approach to fraud identification allowed us to uncover small-scale fraud we would never have found by traditional means, making a very meaningful impact to our bottom line.

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