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We are the anti-fraud ring.

Sift Science prevents fraud for digital businesses by fusing human intelligence with real-time machine learning.

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Introducing Sift Science Formulas and Device Fingerprinting.
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Fraud comes in all shapes and sizes.

Sift Science's machine learning is device, business and geography agnostic.

Stop all flavors of malicious behavior with flexibility and intelligence.

E-Commerce chargeback fraud

Chargeback costs hurting your bottom line? False positives hurting your top line? We know the drill. We can get you back on track.

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How does Sift Science work?

We capture fraud signals directly from the source (your site), analyze them in real-time using machine learning, accurately predict the bad guys, and show you the results in our beautifully designed user interface.

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Fraudsters are constantly learning new tricks — we are too.

Sift Science's machine learning technology and network of global fraud fighters make finding complex, evolving fraud patterns a cinch.

  • Detect fraud accurately with custom machine learning

    Sift Science adapts in real-time to the latest fraud activity seen by your fraud team and our global network of fraud fighters.

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  • Behind every fraudster, there's a story

    Fraud scores only tell you so much. Sift Science tells the complete narrative through data visualizations, suspicious signals, and access to raw data.

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  • 5,000+ fraud signals (and growing) at your service.

    Fraudsters quickly change tactics to get past your defenses. We update our library of signals even faster.

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  • Streamlined fraud detection

    Give your team the knowledge and tools they need to detect fraud with confidence.

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Getting started is a breeze!

Developers love our easy-to-use and well-documented APIs and plug-ins.

Fraud managers love our intuitive user interface.


Install Sift Science plug-ins for the top e-commerce platforms in seconds. Fraud detection doesn't get any easier than this.


Our REST APIs make developers smile. Integrate Sift Science into your app in hours, no professional services required.

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Our customers love us

Hundreds of businesses use us in different ways, whether it's to fight chargebacks, fake accounts, or spammers!

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Nick Elser, Engineer at Instacart

We integrated the API calls in an hour and started getting results back almost immediately. The API documentation was clear and simple, which made the whole experience easy as a developer.

Robbie Fritts, Senior Fraud Manager

Sift Science is changing the landscape of fraud detection. They have seamlessly taken a world-class machine learning platform and turned it into an easy-to-use product that has tangible impact. Sift's algorithms write fraud rules for you so you can focus on investigations instead of SQL queries.

Benjamin Bryant, Director of E-Commerce

During the holiday season, Sift Science allowed us to massively scale our order flow without the burden of an overly large fraud team. Their 'moneyball' approach to fraud identification allowed us to uncover small-scale fraud we would never have found by traditional means, making a very meaningful impact to our bottom line.