Why Sift Science?

One intelligent Digital Trust Platform for every kind of fraud

Sift Science powers the trust necessary to compete – and win – in the digital marketplace.

All vectors of fraud, one platform

Simplify the way you manage fraud. Go from many fraud management systems to one intelligent solution. The Sift Science Digital Trust Platform hosts a full suite of fraud prevention products that mitigate every vector of fraud and abuse, and quickly and effortlessly integrate into your workflows and systems.

Fast, accurate results that reduce manual review and drive business growth

See how our model works

Real-time learning

We’re the only Digital Trust Platform in the world that learns and gets smarter in real time. When someone takes an action on your site, our platform recalculates that user’s risk score immediately. We also rescore your users if they share fraud attributes with other companies on our platform. The result? Catching fraud before it happens.

Global anti-fraud ring

Network size and data diversity matter. The larger and more varied the network, the more accurate results you’ll get. Our machine learning models learn from data received in real time from over 12,000 sites and apps across the world fighting fraud on the Sift Science platform.

Serve a seamless experience

Highly accurate results help you identify which users you can trust, and which ones you can’t. Eliminate tedious validation procedures for good users, providing an easy, seamless experience.

Integration that’s a breeze

No, really. With modern RESTful APIs, a JavaScript snippet, and mobile SDKs, getting up and running couldn’t be easier. Just give us an engineer and a couple of hours and we’ll get you started. The more data you put in, the more you’ll get out. Learn what to expect during your first 45 days.

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