Product Webinar

Deep Dive into Automation with Sift Science

Rapid growth, no review time, and fraudsters at the door – sound familiar? Sift Science can help you scale your fraud processes as your business scales, allowing you to accept more orders, reduce review time to a minimum, and keep fraudsters at bay. Join us for a deep dive webinar in which we’ll cover best practices for automating with Sift Science.

In this webinar, you'll learn:

  • A deep dive into using Workflows and Decisions to accept more transactions and increase efficiency without risk
  • An introduction to new auditing capabilities that track the history behind a decision
  • New ways for Sift Science to communicate with your internal systems about decisions taken

Michelle Arguelles Product Marketing Manager, Sift Science

Michelle Arguelles is a product marketing manager at Sift Science, working on go-to-market strategy as well as positioning and messaging for various products. She started at Sift Science as an account manager, helping many customers fight fraud effectively. In an even earlier life, she was on the front lines of that fight as a senior fraud analyst at a payments company.

Swaroop Sham Senior Product Marketing Manager, Sift Science

Swaroop Sham loves to help customers solve their most challenging trust and safety problems using Sift Science. As a product marketing manager, Swaroop works to launch products, research industry verticals and find the perfect product-market fit. Swaroop has previously practiced the craft of building software and hardware platforms to fight hackers from corporate networks.