Don’t let fraud protection stand in the way of growth

Accept more legitimate bookings using machine learning

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Keep out bad users and give your customers a seamless experience.

Sift Science prevents fraud and increases revenue for top travel companies around the world. Our machine learning automatically utilizes learnings from our global network of customers, as well as your own data, to provide a clear view of good and bad users.

  • Over 10x ROI
  • More than 50% fraud reduction
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Grow your business

Reduce friction from login to checkout, all while mitigating fraud.

Apply learnings in real time

We are the only company to provide true real-time learning, reevaluating your risk every time a user takes action on any site or app across our customer network.


Reduce operational costs

Automatically block risky users and reduce your reliance on expensive multi-factor validations and manual review.


Increase customer conversions

When you know who your good customers are, you can eliminate friction and make it easier for them to buy.


Identify fraud from around the world

Sift Science’s global data network utilizes learnings from travel companies worldwide, so you can protect yourself from new threats – no matter where they occur.

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One platform, custom insights

Our machine learning models know your business and are constantly learning from your customers across our entire network. Some example signals include:

  • Account age
  • Time until event
  • Seat selection
  • Order size
  • Destination
  • Buyer location
  • Device type / ID
  • Fare class
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