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Travel app? Booking site? Reservation marketplace? We've got you covered.

Your business depends on speed. Keep your good travelers happy and block bad users with Sift Science.

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Protect your travelers and your business from fraud with Sift Science

Accommodation booking sites, online travel agencies and reservation apps require immediate and accurate detection of fake accounts and credit card fraud.

When your business deals in reservations, quickly snagging travel deals is the name of the game. This times-sensitivity often means lowering your defences and removing hurdles for your customers. You need a real-time solution that stops fraudsters that try to capitalize on your short time frame.

  • Fake Users & Listings

    Non-existent vacation rentals? Accounts that bill then bail? Fake and spam accounts make for a bad experience for legitimate users.

  • Credit Card Fraud

    Whether laundering money or booking and taking last-minute travel on stolen credit cards, chargebacks always cost more than just the lost service.

  • Real-time Booking

    Fraudsters rely on the instant gratification of online booking apps and travel marketplaces. Stay ahead of fraudsters with immediate fraud scores to identify and block bad guys.

Our unique features

Easy-to-implement APIs and a cloud-hosted solution make for quick, easy, and accurate results.

  • Large-Scale Machine Learning

    Get more accurate fraud prevention with your own custom machine learning model that learns in real-time and gets smarter the more data you send it.

  • Real-Time Intelligence

    Accept, block, or review? Know with certainty what action to take, even when it's only seconds between the click of a button and when your business loses to fraudsters.

  • The Network

    We detect fraud across industries, spanning all continents. Just getting started or entering a new market? No problem! Leverage the network effect to stop bad guys before they target your business.

  • Visualizing Fraud Connections

    Fraud happens. When it hits, easily visualize the shared connections between a known fraudster and other users to block bad guys.

We make machine learning work for your business

Our solution is fully customizable to your data and fraud detection needs. Know that first class is fraudier? Send any indicator to us for analysis.

Whether you do online bookings or are a marketplace for travelers to swap vacation rentals, fraudsters have you in their sights.

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Examples of Custom Fields
  • Flight Details
  • Train Reservations
  • Car Rentals
  • Hotel Bookings
  • Languages
  • Device Info.

Duration of stay can be a huge fraud signal! Feel free to send us whatever you think is relevant to fraud. We'll take that and incorporate it in your unique machine learning model.

HotelTonight is a mobile travel application that allows users to find and book last-minute hotel accommodations at discounted prices. By using Sift Science, they've been able to introduce automated banning of bad users to reduce their chargeback rate by over 50%.

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