Sell tickets to real fans, not fraudsters

Block stolen credit cards, reduce manual review, and increase customer happiness through the Sift Science Trust Platform.

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Protect your fans from fraud all season long

Whether it’s a concert, game, or festival, fraud not only lets down your users – it can severely damage your brand. Mitigate fraudulent accounts, hacked accounts, and stolen payment methods through the Sift Science Trust Platform, blocking fraud as it happens in real time.

See how Etix stopped $15k in bad orders in just one week

Unlock revenue potential with one enterprise-ready platform

Replace rules systems with automation, speed, and accuracy, while reliably growing your customer base.

Eliminate the need for large, complex rules systems

Let our global and custom machine learning models protect your business, so you don’t have to think of every possible threat.


Learn new fraud patterns in real time

We are the only company to offer Live Machine Learning, which updates risk based on activity across our entire global network, getting smarter in real time.


Maintain constant protection, even with sudden spikes in activity

Our adaptable and scalable platform will handle all levels of activity and continue to protect you when your business needs it most...right up to gameday.


Grow your top-line revenue

Trust your good customers, and create frictionless experiences that leave them happier and more likely to come back.


Keep operational costs down

Our solution scales with your business, and our easy-to-use automation features make your team more efficient.


Sell in new channels and venues

Utilize our global customer network to spot new types of fraud, even if you haven't seen them before.


Prevent ticketing fraud with Sift Science

Our machine learning models adapt to quick changes in buyer behavior, based on event type, location, and many more ticketing-unique signals.

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Types of signals

Type of mobile device

Time until event

Ticket price

Other example signals:

Account age

Number of payment methods

Promo code


Time on site

Give fans the experience they deserve

See how Sift Science can help you give fans a better experience by preventing fraud and abuse.

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