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Sell more tickets across all channels – without increasing risk

Delight buyers, unlock new opportunities, and prevent ticketing fraud with machine learning

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60X return on investment

$600k+ in monthly savings

"Sift Science is a holistic fraud solution. We can send any data we want, and get back actionable information we wouldn’t have found on our own."
- Nicole Grazioso, Payments & Risk Manager

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Instant, accurate fraud decisions

Today's digital ticket customers expect easy buying and instant gratification. But lowering barriers opens you up to fraud.

With Sift Science, you can automate fraud prevention while giving good users the smoothest buying experience possible.

  • Deliver a streamlined experience

    Create the one-click or one-tap experience that delights customers and builds brand loyalty.

  • Boost ticket sales

    Accurate real-time decisions empower you to instantly accept last-minute orders from legitimate eventgoers.

  • Block fraud in real time

    Stop fraudulent transactions and chargebacks before they happen – across desktop, mobile apps, and mobile browsers.

Leverage the power of machine learning

Easy-to-implement APIs and a cloud-hosted solution make for quick, easy, and accurate results.

  • Learnings from ticketing sites worldwide

    Our technology learns from the tetrabytes of data Sift Science processes from 6,000+ sites and apps across the world.

  • Real-time decisions

    Our machine learning models recalculate risk scores every time a user takes action on your app, or on any app or website in our network.

  • Custom models that keep learning

    Send data unique to your ticketing business, and your machine learning model will grow increasingly accurate and effective.

  • Built-in automation tools

    It's easy to set up automated fraud-management workflows that integrate with your backend systems.

Fraud prevention tailored to your ticketing business

Our solution is fully customizable to your data and fraud detection needs. Sift Science can learn from any data you send us.

Examples of custom fields:
  • Event type
  • Venue
  • Teams
  • VIP Ticket
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