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Fraud and abuse plague online businesses of all types, from marketplaces to payment processors, social networks to e-commerce stores. As the internet’s trust layer, Sift Science mission is to use data to solve business’ online trust problems, such as fraud, spam, account abuse, and policy violations.

As a company which helps other businesses with trust and safety, we strive to be transparent about our trust, security, and privacy processes. Download our Security Overview Paper to get all the details or check out the highlights below.


We take protecting data seriously. Sift Science maintains compliance with the SOC 2 framework. Our annual SOC 2 Type 2 assessment tests our security process and controls against the SOC 2 security framework. It provides both Sift Science, and more importantly our customers, with an independent, third-party assurance that we are taking the appropriate steps to protect our systems and our customers’ data.


We protect your data

Sift Science protects customer information through data encryption in transit and at rest. We restrict access to our production systems and require those with access to authenticate using a VPN and 2-factor authentication. Our service is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS). AWS offers 24x7 surveillance, security logs, and multi-factor authentication. You can learn about AWS's security controls by visiting the AWS Cloud Compliance website.


We maintain the quality of the data you send us

Data quality is critical for Sift Science to provide customers with the most accurate fraud prevention solution. Sift Science maintains the quality and integrity of customer data through rigorous change management procedures, comprehensive testing, nightly backups, and ongoing monitoring of customer integrations.


We operate a redundant application architecture

Sift Science strives to provide a resilient and highly available service to our customers across the globe. Attributes of our service that contribute to our high availability include highly scalable architecture, 24x7 monitoring, backups, and incident response procedures. You can always check our system status by visiting our public status page.


Customers decide what data to send to Sift Science

Sift Science's technology leverages the data sent by customers to predict malicious activity on their website or mobile applications. We encourage customers to deliberate internally and consult our solutions team to assess what data will be most effective in preventing fraud. Data subjects and customers can always email for more information about how we use this information to prevent online fraud.


Data transfer compliance

Sift Science enters into model clauses with our customers based in the European Union or European Economic Area. To join our model clause framework, please email or ask your Sift Science account manager.

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