Payment Fraud

Your fraud team is about to get an upgrade

Real-time payment fraud prevention for the world’s most trusted brands.

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Prevent chargebacks with deeper insights and best-in-class tools.

Use automation to reduce your workload without worrying about false positives.

Increase conversions and give trusted users a better experience.

Key Features

Live Machine Learning™

Sift Science is the only platform that learns and updates in real time — generating new fraud predictions within milliseconds of receiving data from across our Digital Trust Network.

Global network boosts accuracy for all

The world’s largest Digital Trust Network of e-commerce merchants anonymously share fraud patterns and analysis to generate the most accurate fraud predictions.

Customized for your business needs

Every business is different, and so is their fraud problem. Our solution builds you a custom machine learning model to identify your unique payment fraud problems.

Easy integration that fits with existing systems

We designed a flexible product that lets you connect Sift Science to your internal tools. No need to switch between systems to make a decision.

Protection from fraud across devices

Mobile SDKs gather device information and user behavior, so you can pinpoint potential bad actors no matter where they are coming from.


We take security and privacy very seriously. We maintain compliance with the SOC 2 framework and have a team dedicated to protecting your data.

Empower your team

  • Human-friendly insights on every purchase

    Machine learning isn’t a black box with us. The Sift Science Console lets you dive deeper into who your users are and tell the story behind the data.

  • Easy automation without extra code

    With Workflows, fraud managers can build custom processes to automatically block or accept orders, and set up queues for manual review. Setup is fast, and scaling is easy.

  • Work better together

    Configurable Review Queues provide fraud teams of all sizes an efficient way to do manual review.

Data & Signals

We look at thousands of signals to make predictions including:

96Sift Score
  • User browsing and purchase behavior
  • Transaction details and velocities
  • Current and historical order information
  • Geolocation features: billing, shipping, and IP
  • Payment method details
  • Custom data and signals
  • Mobile and desktop device information and linking
  • Email address breakdown

One integration.
Multiple models to tackle every type of abuse.

The Sift Science Digital Trust Platform™ uses Live Machine Learning™ to accurately predict which users online businesses can trust and which ones they can’t and automatically fine-tune the user’s experience accordingly. Our suite of products helps customers prevent chargebacks, fake accounts, spam, scams, and promo abuse, so they can focus less on fraud and more on growth.