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Account Takeover Prevention

Secure your customers’ trust by keeping their accounts safe from hackers.

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Never hear your customers say “My account got hacked” again.

  • Fewer account takeovers

    Stop illegal account access and malicious activity on trusted user accounts.

  • Log In

    Better user experience

    Reduce login friction for valid users, making account access simple yet secure.

  • Chargeback prevention

    Prevent fraudulent transactions and incurred chargeback fees by stopping account hacking before it begins.

Product Capabilities

Key Features
  • Custom user profiles

    Our platform considers behavioral data and creates a unique profile for every user. Deviations in behavioral patterns are flagged, identifying good users from bad.

  • Analyze risk within the console

    Use the investigative console to view login scores, alerts, location, device, and login data in one dashboard — and resolve issues right away.

  • Real-time risk scores

    Identify and address suspicious activity as it’s happening, resolving fraud before it reaches your end user.

Data & Signals
  • Login status and login from unusual locations
  • Unrecognized device login
  • Change in user profile information
  • User ID, behaviour, and activity
  • Velocity of logins
  • IP addresses
  • Device properties

Powered by the Sift Science Trust Platform

One simple integration gives you access to an integrated suite of fraud and abuse products running on a single platform.

  • One Powerful Platform

    Account Takeover Prevention is powered by the Sift Science Trust Platform. One simple integration gives you access to an integrated suite of fraud and abuse products running on a single platform that includes a unified web console, automation capabilities, and real-time machine learning.

  • Real-Time Machine Learning

    The Sift Science Trust Platform runs the world’s only machine learning system designed from the ground up to learn in real time from live events taking place on desktop and mobile apps across the world. With over 6,000 sites and apps on the platform, we collect, analyze, and learn from 100’s of millions of events each and every day.

  • Automation

    Sift Science’s machine learning is so accurate at detecting fraud and abuse that many fraud processes and decisions can be fully automated. You can easily configure workflows to automate actions based on machine learning predictions or specific data values. Whether you want to automatically block bad users, remove friction for good ones, or assign users to manual review queues, Sift Science streamlines your fraud prevention practice.

  • Investigation & Analysis

    Sift Science’s web-based console gives fraud teams the tools they need to efficiently manage their fraud management operations. Manual review queues keep analysts and managers focused on the most important cases, while data visualization tools and user-level event data provide the details needed to find even the most sophisticated fraudsters.

pricing starts at $1,000 / month

  • 30-day free trial
  • pay as you go
  • no setup fees