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Breaches happen. Account takeover doesn’t have to.

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When bad things happen to good people

Account takeover (or ATO) – when a bad actor uses stolen credentials to access a good user's account – is among the fastest growing types of fraud. Fraudsters are eager to exploit the personal and financial information we all store online, and businesses pay a hefty price: financial loss, community degradation, legal and compliance issues, brand damage, and more.

The consequences of account takeover

  • Stored payment methods make it easier for fraudsters to place orders. In 2016, ATO losses reached $2.3 billion worldwide.


    Unrecognized charges

    Degraded trust




    Financial loss

    from fraud

    Brand damage

  • Bad users fly under the radar as good users, and hurt other community members’ experiences with scams and spam.


    Degraded trust


    Scams and Spam


    Brand damage

    Customer Churn

  • Fraudsters redeem miles and points that sit in unsecure accounts. In the airline industry alone, 72% of loyalty programs have been prone to fraud.


    Rewards loss


    Loyalty Fraud


    Financial loss

    Brand damage

  • E-wallets, merchant accounts, and gaming profiles all have monetary value that fraudsters want to take for their own.


    Financial loss


    Loss of Stored Value


    Financial loss

    Customer churn

  • Valuable personable information – health, financial, and more – can be taken and used by fraudsters for other malicious ends.


    Compromised data


    Information Loss


    Brand damage

    Customer churn

  • It takes time to restore accounts after a takeover incident. In 2016, victims spent 20.7 million hours resolving ATO.


    Poor customer experience


    Operational Load


    Increased manual review

Step into the bright side of the web

Safety for your users, growth for your business

We accurately separate good users from bad, so you can take proactive action to make sure your customers are secure. We maintain a comprehensive user profile for all your customers, and immediately alert you to any anomalous behavior – whether it’s from automated attacks or manual attempts.

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Key benefits

Stop fraudsters. Delight users.

Detect a risky login? Add friction to prevent fraud and abuse before it happens, while providing a seamless experience for good users.

Keep accounts and communities safe.

Personal information, monetary value, loyalty points, community integrity, and more are at risk during an ATO attack. Make sure only good users have access to their accounts.

Power your business growth with trust.

Happy customers can be your greatest champions. When they know their accounts are protected, they’ll be more engaged.

Key Features

Live Machine Learning™

Smarter by the millisecond. We are the only solution that proactively scores users and updates an ATO-specific model in real time – no need for rule tuning.

Behavior fingerprints

Sift Science builds and updates risk profiles for all your users in real time. We know what their normal behavior looks like and alert you to any anomalies.

Defense against all attacks

Breaches, phishing, and malware – oh my! There are many ways ATO can happen, and we can detect both automated bot attacks and manual attempts.

Custom modeling

Every business is different, and so is their ATO problem. We learn from anything you send us, and build you a custom model that adapts to your unique fraud challenges.

Global network

You don’t have to experience ATO to know what it looks like. When fraud is detected for one customer, we alert everyone in our digital trust network.

Automation tools

Fraudsters move quickly, but you can move quicker. Leverage Sift Scores and our in-Console tools to block or add friction to any suspicious logins.

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Data & Signals

We know what account takeover looks like:

96Sift Score
  • Password and email change detection
  • Logins from unusual locations
  • Unknown browser and mobile app profiles
  • Velocity of failed logins
  • Travel distance between sessions
  • Unusual browsing behavior
  • Scripted attack detection
  • ...And thousands more!

Sift Science Console

Built for ATO

  • Investigate and flag risky sessions

    The User Details page surfaces suspicious logins and session activity, and tells you why we think there’s risk.

  • View user history

    A timeline of events and summary of user locations and devices make it easy to see anomalous behavior.

  • Find connected users

    The network graph lets you find rings of accounts affected by ATO and make bulk decisions.

  • Manage policies

    Workflows and Queues let fraud and security teams create dynamic login experiences and act on suspicious sessions quickly.

For engineers,
by engineers

Our JS snippet, mobile SDKs, and REST APIs make integration easy, and we have a team that will help you along the way. With ATO prevention in place, you can stop disruption from ATO incidents and reduce time spent maintaining internal solutions.

// Sample $login event


// Required Fields

"$type"          :  "$login",

"$api_key"       :  "YOUR_API_KEY",

"$user_id"       :  "billy_jones_301",

"$login_status"  :  "$success",


// Required only if using the ATO Product

"$session_id"    : "gigtleqddo84l8cm15qe4il",

"$ip"            : "$",

"$browser"       :  {

  "$user_agent" : "Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10_12_3) AppleWebKit/537.36"



One, scalable solution for every vector of abuse

Account Takeover Prevention is just one part of the Sift Science Digital Trust Platform. With a single integration, you have access to a suite of products running on a single platform to battle every type of fraud and abuse.