Analyst performance

Turn teamwork into dream work

Optimize fraud operations with metrics for individuals and teams.

Smarter trust and safety

Decrease manual review with data-driven decisions on how to balance workload and increase automation.

Individual metrics

Track the volume and accuracy of reviews for each analyst to maximize the performance of every team member.

Team performance

View trends on quantity and quality of reviews at the team-level, so you can build and maintain world-class fraud operations.

Insights to action

Highlight your fraud fighting successes, and shine a light on areas of improvement with comprehensive operational metrics.

“Sift Insights gives me better visibility into our fraud operations. With comprehensive and real-time reports, I constantly keep a finger on the the pulse of how fraud is impacting the business — helping me improve efficiency and make decisions faster.”

John Page | Merchant Processing Director | ChowNow

Measure what matters

Use Insights to improve your team.

What is the block rate for my team?
How many reviews does my team do each day, week, month?
What percentage of users are reviewed manually?
How many reviews did each analyst do?
What types of decisions did each analyst make?

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