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Fraudsters targeting your e-commerce business? We've got your back. And your front.

Get ahead of the bad guys and prevent chargebacks with real-time fraud detection.

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E-commerce moves at the speed of life

Smooth checkout, speedy processing, and fast shipping: you want to give your customers an all-around awesome experience with your online store. At the same time, you have to protect yourself from fraud. Is it even possible to do both? Yes! You need a solution that keeps good shoppers happy and malicious users at bay.

We know how costly and draining credit card fraud can be. Whether you sell denim or drones, we can help you identify fraudsters before the chargebacks hit.

  • Chargebacks

    Chargebacks are a major pain. Not only do you lose your merchandise, but you also miss out on profits and are hit with fees. Block bad users before the order processes.

  • Credit Card Testing

    Fraudsters trying out a bunch of credit card numbers on your site? Stop those accounts and easily identify who else may be trying the same thing.

  • Manual Review Time

    Your time is precious. Use machine learning to quickly tell the difference between good and bad customers, so you can focus on growing your sales.

Our unique features

Easy-to-implement APIs and a cloud-hosted solution make for quick, easy, and accurate results.

  • Large-Scale Machine Learning

    Get more accurate fraud prevention with your own custom machine learning model that learns in real-time and gets smarter the more data you send it.

  • Real-Time Intelligence

    Accept, block, or review? Know with certainty what action to take, even when it's only seconds between the click of a "buy" button and when your business loses to fraudsters.

  • The Network

    Learning across global data means accurate results right off the bat, which only grow more tailored with every transaction.

  • Visualizing Fraud Connections

    Fraud happens. When it hits, easily visualize the shared connections between a known fraudster and other users to see and stop future fraud.

We'll make machine learning work for your store

We're uniquely equipped to detect e-commerce fraud. Know that neckties, when bought in bulk, tend to be fraudier? We can analyze any custom data you want to send us.

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Fraud Fighting Tip

Did you know that luxury and baby items are favorite fraud targets? Tailor our machine learning model to your needs with custom data and labeling.

JackThreads saved thousands of dollars in fraudulent transactions and chargebacks. With Sift Science, they review less than 10% false positives and have a 800% ROI.

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