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Real-time digital cash or gift card business? You need real-time security

Stay ahead of the bad guys with a machine learning fraud solution that moves as fast as your business does, blocking bad users before they slip through.

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Grow your top line and safeguard your bottom line

Your customers want to share money ASAP, and your goal is to make that happen smoothly. But the instant gratification of digital funds also makes your site irresistible to malicious users.

So how do you stop the bad guys in their tracks without creating extra hassle for your good customers? Sift Science's machine learning-based fraud detection gives you the power to instantly analyze thousands of signals and stop bad users before they steal from your site.

Digital cash comes with unique challenges

  • Real-Time Pay-out

    Customers expect their digital cash fast – we're talking seconds. With no time to manually review every transaction, you need an automated fraud solution you can trust.

  • Digital Delivery

    Virtual transactions don't need addresses – and that's one less barrier for fraudsters. Use machine learning to catch bad users without compromising the experience for your good ones.

  • E-Gift Card Fraud

    Online gift cards give fraudsters an easy way to drain stolen credit cards quickly. When your business is on the line, protect yourself and your good users from bad gifting.

Our features

Easy-to-implement APIs and a cloud-hosted solution make for quick, easy, and accurate results.

  • Large-Scale Machine Learning

    Get more accurate fraud prevention with your own custom machine learning model that learns in real time and gets smarter the more data you send it.

  • Real-Time Intelligence

    Accept, block, or review? Know with certainty what action to take, even when it's only seconds between the click of a "send money" button and when your business loses to fraudsters.

  • The Network

    We detect fraud across industries, spanning all continents. Just getting started or entering a new market? No problem! Leverage the network effect to stop bad guys before they target your business.

  • Visualizing Fraud Connections

    Fraud happens. When it hits, easily visualize the shared connections between a known fraudster and other users to block bad guys.

Customize your fraud model

Our solution is fully customizable to your data and fraud detection needs. Know that cash transfers after midnight are fraudier? Send any indicator to us for analysis.

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Fraud Fighting Tip

Fraudsters may tend to create accounts around certain birth years. Spot these and other patterns with Sift Science.

50% fewer manual reviews

70% of fraud caught in the top 2% of transactions

“Sift Science helps make it very accessible to fight fraud on a world-class level.”
- Nate Spanier, Director of Operations

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