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What is Sift Science Device Fingerprinting?

Using a new fake account, username, or email address for each fraud attack is as easy as pie. Using a different device? Not so simple. That's why we fingerprint and track all devices used across our global customer network.

Sift Science Device Fingerprinting uniquely identifies and tracks every device that accesses your site. Once you know which devices are used by the bad guys, blocking them is a piece of cake. Get started in minutes; you'll be employee of the month before your free trial even expires.

Good device found

Seen before with successful purchases

bad device found

Linked to fraudulent user on global network

bad device found

Linked to fraudulent user on global network

How can Device Fingerprinting help?

  • Transaction Fraud

    Stop repeat offenders automatically with Sift Science Device Fingerprinting. Stop wasting your time reviewing orders — automatically block devices linked to past fraud before they even 'add to cart.'

  • Account Abuse

    Even the closest of friends don't share devices. Prevent fake accounts, spammy content, and other malicious behavior from tarnishing your online community, marketplace, or social network with Sift Science Device Fingerprinting.

  • ...and more!

    Protect your site from all types of malicious acts with Sift Science Device Fingerprinting. We do the heavy lifting; all you have to do is ask us if a device is good or evil.

Getting started is a breeze (and free!)


Install our JavaScript snippet and you're on your way. You even get 30 days free.

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Number of API Calls/MonthPrice Per Call
First 250K$0.020
Next 500K$0.018
Next 1M$0.014
Above 1.75M$0.009
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Here are some answers to some commonly asked questions

  • Do I need a credit card to sign up?

    Not at all! Our 30-day free trial for Device Fingerprinting makes it easy for you to get started and is completely risk-free!

  • Are there any setup fees?

    None! Sift Science is designed to make it easy for your business to start fighting fraud, and we don't charge any setup fees or maintenance fees.

  • What happens after my free trial ends?

    You have the option to subscribe to Device Fingerprinting at any point during or after your free trial. If you choose not to subscribe, then you will lose access to the Device Fingerprinting product.

  • What is your cancellation policy?

    There's absolutely no commitment at all! Feel free to cancel your account at any time.

  • How does pricing work?

    Sift Science charges customers based on the number of times they call our Device Fingerprinting API in a given month. There is no charge made for API calls used to label a device or user.

  • Is there any data that I need to send?

    You just need to install a simple Javascript snippet on your website pages, which will let us identify the devices on your site.