Device Fingerprinting

An essential tool in your fraud fighting kit – made better with machine learning

Any device, any location

Sift’s proprietary device fingerprinting technology looks across dozens of variables to generate a unique, reliable identifier that helps you tackle any fraud threat. Built into all our machine learning products, this strong signal gets you more accurate results, stopping fraud before it happens.

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Powered by Sift Science machine learning

Learn from our global network of known devices

We’ve seen 6 billion devices across 12,000 sites in our network – and those numbers grow every day. Know which devices are good and which are bad without ever having seen them before.

Stop multiple types of fraud

Chargebacks, spam, scams, fake accounts, and account takeover – all bad for business, but all preventable with device fingerprinting and machine learning. Sift’s Digital Trust Platform has purpose-built products powered by machine learning for each problem you encounter.

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  • Account Takeover
  • Payment Fraud
  • Content Abuse
  • Promo Abuse
  • Account Abuse

Our suite of products

Every business and type of fraud is different. We’ve built custom machine learning models for each that are easy to integrate. What problem can we solve for you?

Want device fingerprinting on its own?

We can help you with that. Our Device Fingerprinting API gives you visibility into good and bad devices, so you can assess risk and take action.

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