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The world's most trusted brands use Sift Science to grow their business.

$1M saved in the last year; 99% reduction in chargeback rate

60–70% reduction in spam content, more frictionless environments for valued users

99% review accuracy; Lower amounts of fraudulent, spammy, and abusive content

10x faster at resolving attacks; Greater opportunity for global market expansion

80% reduction in manual review; 200% increase in fraud detection accuracy

10X growth in fraud review efficiency; $600K+ in monthly savings

More conversions; less account takeover

80% drop in chargebacks; large gains in team efficiency

10M+ app installs in the US; 60% drop in chargebacks in 3 months

Streamlined fraud management flow; Improved user experience for 35 million global members

90% reduction in chargebacks, 0 false positives

0 full-time people dedicated to fraud; 0 false positives

High and growing accuracy with real-time machine learning; saved thousands in potential losses

Immediately saw results upon implementation; Fully customized fraud detection

5x increase in manual review efficiency; 80% reduction in time spent on fraud management

15% growth in user conversion rates; Reduced full-time fraud team to 0

Slashed chargeback rate from 8-10% to less than 1%; 95% accuracy rate

Saves the Moz team time and money; Auto-bans bad users in the 600,000 member global community

50% reduction in manual review rate; 70% of fraud caught in the top 2% of transactions

0 full-time fraud managers; Reduced friction for EBTH's 150 monthly sales

77% drop in dispute rate; 100-150 manual review hours saved monthly

70% fewer orders reviewed, on average; Significant drop in fraud rate

25% reduction in chargeback rate; 5x ROI with Sift Science

50% reduction in fraud rate; Fraud team remained the same size although business grew

2% gross revenue saved and recovered; 95% reduction in chargeback rate

85% reduction in chargeback rate; Full-time fraud team of 1

75% reduction in fraud losses; Much less time spent managing fraud

150,000 users internationally; Millions of dollars in bitcoin saved

Highly accurate scores for automation; Streamlined and data-driven decisions

95% reduction in content abuse and fraud losses; Automation for efficiency

1-click checkout on all transactions; 500% decrease in manual review/validation time

2M+ global users; Less friction for good customers

$15K saved in the first week; 50M tickets sold worldwide per year

50% reduction in chargebacks; 211,000+ users

$1M in attempted fraud thwarted with Sift Science; 400K customers

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Online businesses face a variety of fraud and abuse threats. With over 12,000 sites on our platform, we collect, analyze, learn from 100s of millions of events every day. Let's fight fraud together.

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