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We are Sift Science. We do trust.

Unfortunately, evil exists. Fortunately, we're here to stop it! Fraud and abuse plague online businesses of all types, from marketplaces to payment processors, social networks to e-commerce stores. As the internet's trust layer, Sift Science's mission is simple yet powerful: make these online experiences faster, smoother, and safer – using the smartest technology around.

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Launched in 2011 from the Y Combinator incubator program, Sift Science has grown into the leading machine learning fraud detection solution for online businesses. Every day, thousands of websites and apps rely on our cloud-based machine learning to eliminate fraud, slash costs, and grow revenue. And we're just getting started.

Meet the team.

With leaders hailing from Google, Amazon, Zillow, Twilio, and New Relic, the Sift Science team has decades of experience building teams and technology, scaling startups, and solving the internet's toughest problems.

A software engineer at heart, Jason was an early engineer at a few Seattle startups (Zillow, Optify, BuzzLabs), before migrating to San Francisco to start Sift Science in 2011. He enjoys chess, basketball, and freestyle rapping.

Jason Tan


Fred loves building well-designed, robust, scalable systems. Before Sift, he was a tech lead at Google, Principal Engineer at Jambool, CTO at Teachstreet, product lead at Zillow and engineer at Amazon.

Fred Sadaghiani


Zee loves building customer bases and partnerships for global cloud businesses. Prior to Sift he led sales at Twilio, and business development for EC2 at Amazon Web Services.

Zeeshan Yoonas

Head of Sales

Liz focuses on the most critical asset of an organization - its people. She has startup experience in Technical Recruiting and People Ops and is pursuing her MS from Northwestern in I-O Psychology and Coaching.

Liz Young

Director of People Operations

Bill loves data, analytics, and fighting bad guys. Prior to Sift he led product marketing for New Relic and held product management and marketing roles at VMWare and Oracle.

Bill Hodak

Head of Marketing

A team builder, problem solver, avid traveler and proud mother, Karen held executive roles at Google in Operations, Strategic Partnerships and Finance. A former management consultant, she has an MBA from Yale.

Karen Tsay

Head of Business Operations

Thomas loves building products that solve critical business problems. Typical enterprise software shenanigans are his mortal enemy. Prior to Sift, Thomas worked at Twilio, AdMob and Google.

Thomas Schiavone

Head of Product

Passionate about building high performance teams, Toshi ran engineering at several high-growth startups as CTO & VP Engineering. Prior to helping startups, he held engineering roles at Oracle and holds a CS degree from Princeton.

Toshinari Kureha

Head of Engineering

The rest of the family...
  • Aaron Ashworth
    Senior Account Manager

    Aaron, enjoys cooking and eating but his real passion is cars. Aaron enjoys all types of cars however, exotics are his favorite think, Italian. When Aaron isn't dreaming about cars he is helping clients! Aaron is coming from Kenshoo where he was managing some of the largest accounts.

  • Aaron Beppu
    Tech Lead

    Aaron loves playing with data, but also enjoys travel, seitan, bossa nova guitar, and hugging strangers online. Previously he has worked on search ranking, datamining, analytics infrastructure and distributed systems at Etsy and A9.

  • Aaron Tietz
    Solutions Engineer

    Aaron used to be a preschool teacher in San Diego, often answering to the name King Triton #LittleMermaid #makebelieveontheplayground. More recently, he writes and films sketch comedy skits, somehow convincing his friends to be in them. Also, he loves bananas. And laughing with people. And bananas.

  • Adrienne Lumb
    Web Strategy Manager

    Adrienne enjoys conducting UX research, testing concepts, and making websites more effective. She also likes ballet, piano, writing, California leisure, and international travel.

  • Alex Hodges
    Site Reliability Engineer

    Alex enjoys being on two wheels, whether it’s riding his motorcycle or bike throughout the scenic Bay Area. Before Sift, Alex worked as a DevOps Engineer at a number of different startups in San Francisco.

  • Alex Paino
    Software Engineer

    Alex enjoys rooting for the St. Louis Cardinals, hiking, travelling, and eating Thai food. He recently graduated from the University of Missouri, where he did ML research while earning BS's in Math and Computer Engineering. Prior to Sift, Alex interned at Microsoft and Facebook.

  • Andrew Nelson
    Senior Product Marketing Manager

    Andy is an experienced analytics strategy leader. Prior roles include leading customer strategy teams for startups and as a managing consultant for IBM. He has an MBA from Chicago Booth and a B.A. from Harvard.

  • Ash Alhashim
    Director, New Business Sales

    Ash is a proud Buckeye who loves the outdoors, coffee, and reading. Before Sift Science, he led sales teams at Heap and Optimizely, and studied at UC Davis GSM and The Ohio State University.

  • Arjun Krishnaiah
    Software Engineer

    Arjun is interested in distributed systems, soccer, and travel. He really likes ice cream, maybe a bit too much. Before joining Sift, he was an engineer with Cloudability, and before that, Datahero.

  • Avik Chakravarty
    Business Development

    Avik is a Bay Area local who loves playing soccer and following his favorite team, Chelsea FC. Prior to Sift, he studied History at UC Berkeley and worked for an education startup.

  • Brandon Sligh
    Recruiting Lead

    Brandon is a pizza aficionado and labrador owner who grew up in the Bay Area. Prior to Sift, he recruited for MongoDB, Scribd and at a contingency search firm.

  • Brittany Dean
    Executive Assistant

    Brittany is an Austin native who eventually made it to the Bay Area by co-founding a start-up in the wine industry. Supporting others, streamlining systems, and organizing all the things give her great joy. She loves to read, hike, meditate, take tropical vacations, and make playlists. She might be David Bowie's #1 fan (RIP).

  • Carlos Berlanga
    Solutions Engineer

    Carlos enjoys cycling, reading and all things food related. Prior to Sift he worked as an Ads Solutions Engineer at Google. He grew up in Mexico City and moved to the Bay Area in 2012.

  • Devin Oliver
    Business Development Associate

    Devin graduated from Carleton college, where he studied Chemistry and played ultimate frisbee. In his free time he enjoys cooking, road trips, watching movies and exercising.

  • Dognime Coulibaly
    Business Operations Manager

    Dognime enjoys exploring new horizons and plans to complete visiting all continents within a couple of years. In the meantime, he is looking forward to finally discovering all San Francisco has to offer. Before joining Sift, he was a consultant for McKinsey mostly serving finance and tech clients, and a software engineer for Microsoft.

  • Doug Beeferman

    Doug loves analyzing and visualizing data. Before Sift, he worked at Google on ads quality, IP geolocation, speech recognition, and economics; a research scientist at Lycos and a grad student at CMU.

  • Duy Tran
    Software Engineer

    Duy loves solving engineering problems, playing ukulele, and playing basketball. Prior to Sift Science he worked at GT Nexus and graduated from UC Irvine

  • Emerald Maravilla
    Senior Manager Sales Development

    Emerald loves the Golden State Warriors, Tony Danza, trivia games, green tea and her dog, Splash. Prior to Sift, she worked at Twilio and Box and studied at NYU.

  • Emily Chin
    Senior Event Marketing Manager

    Emily loves proper grammar, sending gifs, eating cake, reading books, beach naps, and petting dogs. She holds a Master in Public Diplomacy, and brings experience in team building, branding, and experiential marketing.

  • Erica Schild
    Trust & Safety

    Erica loves solving complex business problems and creating change in organizations. Prior to Sift, she worked on implementing new regulatory requirements for a regional bank. She studied Russian at Yale and enjoys cooking, music, yoga, and traveling.

  • Eugene Koontz
    Site Reliability Engineer

    Eugene likes eating ramen, traveling, learning yoga and foreign languages. Prior to Sift, he worked at Apple and Trend Micro.

  • Eugenia Ho
    Product Designer

    Eugenia enjoys pina coladas, playing video games, eating and watching movies. She recently graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree in Art History and Art Practice. Prior to Sift, she worked as a product designer at Klout.

  • Fredy Santiago

    Fredy enjoys creating and illustrating things on a regular basis. Prior to Sift Science he was a clothing graphic designer. Fredy enjoys beach days, eating flan , and getting lost in a nature hike.

  • Gary Lee
    Software Engineer

    Gary loves the outdoors and enjoys creating nice things that augment data with human intellect. He graduated from Stanford with a BS and most of an MS in Computer Science. He has worked as an Engineer and a Product Manager at Apple and Nextdoor.

  • Grace Yau
    Account Manager

    Grace is a native Angeleno who is happily transplanted to San Francisco. In her free time, she enjoys baking pies, hiking Mount Tam, and traveling.

  • Jacob Burnim
    Software Engineer

    Jacob joins Sift after finishing his PhD on lightweight specifications for parallel software at UC Berkeley. Before Berkeley, he applied machine learning to search ranking at Google.

  • Janice Lan
    Software Engineer

    Janice loves traveling, music, table tennis, cute animals, and Japanese food. She hopes to make the world a better place with machine learning and AI. Prior to Sift, she did her bachelors and masters in Computer Science at Stanford.

  • Jason Kulish
    People Operations

    Born and raised in the Bay Area, Jason started his career teaching English in Japan and has worked in tech since 2006 for companies like Google, Return Path, and Thumbtack. He is a proud Bruin, likes traveling, eating burritos, and is a huge film buff. He recently took a surfing lesson in Hawaii and is pretty confident he's the next Kelly Slater.

  • Jeff Watson
    Business Development

    Jeff spends his free time attempting to surf, riding bikes and listening to all types of music. A recent graduate from the University of Colorado Boulder, he comes to Sift after stops at in Sales at Backroads and Vettery.

  • John Wu
    Business Operations

    In his free time, you are likely to find John trying to cook a new recipe, planning his next adventure, or working towards a one minute handstand. Prior to joining Sift, he was a consultant at McKinsey serving mainly tech and retail clients. He graduated from Stanford with a degree in Computer Science.

  • Josephine Nguyen

    Josephine (also goes by Jo for short) enjoys activities that involve 2 or more people. She's born and raised in the Bay Area, and always down to try new things as long as it's not scary. Previously to working at Sift, she was recruiting on the agency side as well as in-house for a tech startup.

  • Julia Martin
    Marketing Coordinator

    Julia is a fan of weekend getaways, hiking, yoga and all things food related. She sees endless value in puns, a good cup of coffee and an adorable animal video.

  • Kai Morrison
    Operations Manager

    Kai loves developing organizational procedures, best practice policies, and other things that people usually want someone else to do. In addition to the occasional stage performance as an actor, he also designs Fight Choreography for stage and film, writes music, and plays waaaaaay too many board games.

  • Kaoru Kohashigawa
    Software Engineer

    You can typically find Kaoru programming, snowboarding, mountain biking, playing Magic cards, or eating. He's certain he doesn't pronounce his name correctly. Coming from Hawai`i and Texas, he has great appreciation for Bay area weather.

  • Katherine Loh
    Solutions Engineer

    Katherine enjoys baking, rock climbing & chasing her dog. Prior to Sift, she supported strategic partnerships for Google Chrome and Google Registry.

  • Kathryn "Kat" Stewart
    Recruiting Coordinator

    Kat is your go-to for all recruiting scheduling as well as a candidate experience and Greenhouse expert. She was born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica and received a track scholarship in North Dakota where she lived for five years and was a nine-time All-American track athlete.

  • Katia Mar
    Product Marketing Leader and Technologist

    Katia into fitness, yoga, nutrition, music, oil painting, horseback riding, fashion, travel, and anything outdoors.

  • Keren Gu
    Software Engineer

    Keren loves sailing, math, cats, hiking and camping, reading modern literature over warm beverages, and obsessively organizing things into their perfect places. Prior to Sift, she received her Master's from MIT in Computer Science.

  • Kevin Lee
    Trust and Safety Architect

    Building high performing teams and systems to combat malicious behavior are what drive Kevin. Prior to Sift, Kevin worked as a manager at Facebook, Square and Google in various risk, spam and trust and safety roles.

  • Kyle Chaney
    Account Executive

    Kyle enjoys exploring new restaurants/bars in the SF bay area, attending live sporting events and mountain bike riding. Before working at Sift Science, he worked in a sales role at PagerDuty and Coverity.

  • Laura Milanez
    Business Development

    Laura loves playing Touch rugby, eating and new adventures. Before Sift, she studied Economics at Carleton College and travelled around. Laura is originally from Brazil, and has lived in four different countries.

  • Lynda Phan

    Lynda is a Bay Area native and loves dogs, garlic noodles, HIIT and dessert. Prior to Sift, Lynda recruited for Google, in addition to companies within Finance, Accounting and BioPharma industries.

  • Marcus Rider
    Business Development

    Marcus loves the outdoors, traveling, and eating. He graduated from Carleton College, where he studied religion and played rugby. Before Sift he was studying Arabic in the US and MENA region.

  • Mario Tello

    Mario loves traveling, playing soccer, and being outdoors. Prior to joining Sift Science, he spent time with Amazon and Fitbit. He's originally from Seattle and only occasionally misses the rain.

  • Martin Murphy
    Support Engineer

    Martin loves traveling, backpacking, mixed martial arts, and stand up comedy. Prior to Sift, he worked as a cryptocurrency miner while studying Economics and Computer Science at University of San Francisco.

  • Matthew Cobette
    Front Desk Associate

    Matt is an avid Disney goer and is a self-proclaimed basketball historian. When he’s not at Disneyland or watching basketball, he enjoys running and spending time with his rescue dog, Barney. Before Sift, Matt worked in education and property management.

  • Matt Green
    Seattle Research and Development Site Leader

    Matt is excited by building teams to solve hard large-scale modeling problems. Prior to Sift Matt worked at for 17 years, for 9 years as a software engineer and manager in Amazon's Marketplace business and for the last 8 years leading teams to optimize Amazon's Retail Supply Chain using simulation, optimization and novel economic models. Matt has a BS in Computer Science and Math and a MS in Computer Science.

  • Megan Mann
    Product Manager

    Megan enjoys organizing items and learning new things. Prior to Sift, Megan worked in customer support and product management at Bridgewater Associates, building analytics tools for economists.

  • Micah Wylde
    Tech Lead

    Micah loves building reliable distributed systems, folk music and the outdoors. Before Sift he was working on large-scale data processing infrastructure at Quantcast.

  • Michael Parkin
    Software Engineer

    Michael moved to the Bay Area in 2013 and loves working on distributed systems at scale. Before joining Sift he worked in Spain and the Netherlands after graduating from Manchester University.

  • Michelle Arguelles
    Account Manager

    Michelle loves traveling, a good sitcom, and a good cheese. Prior to Sift, she worked as a Risk Analyst at WePay. She graduated from Boston College with a degree in International Studies.

  • Miguel Veloz
    Strategic Account Manager

    Miguel enjoys cooking, politics, reading, foreign languages, and all-night discussions on the nexus of art and pop culture. He's on a quest for the perfect London Fog. He graduated from Yale and worked in Google's Large Customer Sales division for several years.

  • Natalie Hudson
    Talent Development Partner

    Natalie relocated from Chicago in 2016 (you can hear it in her accent). Some of Natalie's favorite things: jigsaw puzzles, podcasts, quiche, and Sundays... especially all together!

  • Nate Hall
    Marketing Operations Manager

    Nate’s a Bay Area native who will take any opportunity to travel, cook new foods, and play hoops or lacrosse. He also spends his free time trying to contact golf balls with clubs and dabbles with the alto sax. Before landing at Sift Science, Nate was a marketing automation consultant at Digital Pi.

  • Nick Hurlburt
    Software Engineer

    After working at Amazon, Nick did humanitarian work in Asia and Africa before coming back and finding a place at Sift. He continues to volunteer with non-profits when he isn't hunting for the best khao soi in San Francisco.

  • Nick Priestley
    Account Executive

    Nick enjoys stand up comedy, collecting sneakers, and finding new restaurants in the Bay Area. Before joining Sift, Nick worked as an Account Executive at Twilio and a Manager at Apple Retail.

  • Nikhil Chari
    Account Executive

    Nikhil enjoys travelling and learning new things. Lately he's been getting back into basketball. Prior to Sift, he worked as an Account Executive at Twilio and Checkr, and played poker before that.

  • Noah Grant
    Software Engineer

    Noah loves third wave coffees and mid-shelf bourbons, and can often be found dreaming of biking from one end of Europe to another. He graduated a few years ago from UC Berkeley and previously worked in three other engineering disciplines before getting hooked on programming.

  • Quan Nguyen
    Senior Product Manager

    Quan loves shipping products with impact when he’s not chasing frisbees or hanging out with dogs. Before joining Sift Science, Quan worked at and Microsoft.

  • Raman Deol
    Communications Manager

    Raman loves crafting and finding good homes for company stories. She's also a big fan of California, traveling (she may or may not be addicted to budget travel and racking up points), tennis and reading. Before Sift, she worked on marketing programs for companies including Expedia, GitHub, Oculus and New Relic.

  • Reginald "Reggy" Long
    Engineering Intern

    Reginald enjoys hiking, watching sports, and winning small amounts of money at Vegas. Prior to Sift, he graduated with a degree in computer science at Stanford.

  • Rishabh Kothari
    Senior Product Manager

    Rishabh loves building high impact products which delight customers. Previously, he worked on product search and supply chain optimization with Walmart eCommerce, and studied engineering at Stanford and IIT Bombay.

  • Roxanna "Evan" Ramzipoor
    Business Development Intern

    Evan is a writer who enjoys running, good movies, bad puns, and the Oxford comma. She's currently working on novels about a WWII newspaper heist and scandalous early American presidents.

  • Saam Talaie
    Engineering Manager

    When he's not out hiking or practicing his photography skills, Saam is working on problems at the intersection of engineering and machine learning. Prior to Sift, he built systems powering Apple’s retail and online stores.

  • Samantha Langford

    Samantha was born and raised in the Bay Area and currently live in SF with her fiancé. She loves traveling, enjoying SF’s best restaurants and seeing live music. She has an adorable 8 month old hound mix, named Leo.

  • Samir Rao
    Business Operations Associate

    Samir enjoys watching mind-bending thrillers, consuming tacos and other delicious food, and thinking about how to make life more efficient. Prior to Sift, he was an investment banker at JP Morgan.

  • Sarah Beldo
    Sr. Content Marketing Manager

    Sarah loves words, design, food, traveling, and living in the Bay Area. Before Sift, she worked with content at LinkedIn, LexisNexis, and a handful of smaller companies.

  • Sarfaraz Rydhan
    Sr. Business Development Manager

    Sarfaraz is an avid fan of the Oakland Raiders and enjoys watching 90's cartoons with his boys. Prior to Sift, he worked at ecommerce companies as an engineer and entrepreneur.

  • Scott Vrable
    Web Developer

    Scott enjoys movies, running, classic literature and autumn in New England. Before Sift, he worked as a Front-end Engineer on the Marin Software Display Team, formerly Perfect Audience.

  • Scott Wilson
    Software Engineer

    Scott enjoys travel, hiking, yoga, and photography. He was born and raised in Alaska.

  • Sherif Elzarka
    Support Engineer

    Sherif is a Bay Area native that loves to explore the great outdoors and attend as many concerts as possible. Before his time at Sift he worked as a forensic technology consultant (almost as cool as CSI).

  • Sneh Dadlani
    Senior Accountant

    Sneh’s passions are her family, friends, flowers and food puns. She has a dog named Loli who is kind of a big dill. Sneh enjoys working with numbers, puzzles and watching Jeopardy. Previously, Sneh was on the Accounting team at Pandora.

  • Stacy Krens

    Stacy is a lover of the outdoors, red wine and books that make it to film. She escaped the cold, East Coast winters and enjoys exploring the city on the weekends. She is hiring engineering talent for Sift Science.

  • Swaroop Sham
    Sr Product Marketing Manager

    Swaroop is passionate about traveling and fan of public radio. In his past life, Swaroop worked at security companies such as Proofpoint, FireEye and F5 networks in PMM and Engineering roles.

  • Tai-Jin Lee
    Software Engineer

    Tai-Jin enjoys playing piano, playing and watching Starcraft, munching on esoteric foods, and automating everything. Before Sift he was the jack of all trades at HealthLoop and TrialPay.

  • Tia Gangopadhyay
    Business Development Associate

    Tia is a Bay Area native who loves Thai food, "Friends" reruns, and teaching. Prior to Sift, she worked as a healthcare consultant and studied Public Health and Social Welfare at UC Berkeley.

  • Tim Brown
    Software Engineer

    Tim spends his free time snowboarding, surfing, and sailing. Prior to Sift, he was working at LinkedIn after graduating from the University of California, Berkeley.

  • Vera Dadok
    Software Engineer

    Vera enjoys hiking, photography, and traveling to new locations to take photos while hiking. Prior to Sift, Vera worked on statistical modeling problems in ad tech at Quantcast. Before working in ad tech, Vera finished a PhD at Berkeley with a focus on control theory.

  • Vishal Arya
    Business Development Manager

    Vishal enjoys economic history, basketball, and the (slow) journey towards membership in the 1000-pound club. Prior to Sift, he led merchant partnerships at Marqeta and worked in business development at Intel.

  • Warren Harper
    Sr. Designer

    Warren loves surfing, skydiving and the outdoors. Prior to joining Sift, he worked as a designer at Red Bull and lead creative for a Big Data startup. Originally from South Africa, he moved to California in 2013 and loves it.

  • Yoav Schatzberg
    Solutions Engineer

    Yoav enjoys rock climbing, surfing, exploring San Francisco, and all-you-can-eat restaurants of all types. Before Sift Yoav worked as a Software Engineer on Software Defined Networking at Intel.

  • Zorah Fung
    Software Engineer

    Zorah spends her free time cooking, crafting, solving puzzles and building a collection of musical instruments. In addition to working at Sift, Zorah joined the UW CSE Faculty as a Lecturer in January 2016 to fulfill her passion for teaching.

Our believers.

  • Max Levchin

    PayPal Co-founder

  • Marc Benioff CEO

  • Chris Dixon

    Andreessen Horowitz Partner

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