About Sift Science

Sift Science is a tight-knit team with a passion for data. In past lives, we've worked on e-commerce analytics, payments, anti-spam, sentiment analysis, speech recognition, search quality, text recognition, and more. We're looking for great people to join us in San Francisco, CA. We like board games, yummy food, and interesting problems.

Jason Tan


Jason loves beautiful user interfaces and building amazing teams. Before Sift, he was the CTO at BuzzLabs, first engineer at Optify, and an early engineer at Zillow.

Fred Sadaghiani


Fred loves building well-designed, robust, scalable systems. Before Sift, he was a tech lead at Google, Principal Engineer at Jambool, CTO at Teachstreet product lead at Zillow, and engineer at Amazon.

Doug Beeferman

Tech Lead

Doug loves analyzing and visualizing data. Before Sift, he worked at Google on ads quality, IP geolocation, speech recognition, and economics; a research scientist at Lycos and a grad student at CMU.

Carl Case

Tech Lead

Carl believes that machine learning coupled with human creativity is the most powerful analytical force there is. Before Sift, he did research on character recognition at Stanford University.

Grace Kim


Grace is happy to put her obsessive compulsive organizational skills to keep the Sifties humming along happily. Before Sift, she worked for Teach for America and the National Council on Teacher Quality.

Jacob Burnim

Tech Lead

Jacob joins Sift after finishing his PhD on lightweight specifications for parallel software at UC Berkeley. Before Berkeley, he applied machine learning to search ranking at Google.

Stephanie Yee

Director of Business Development

Stephanie loves black sweaters, eating, and post-it notes. Before Sift, she worked with large eCommerce companies at Google. She was also at Vector Capital, and Bain & Company.

Gary Lee


Gary enjoys creating nice things that augment data by leveraging human intellect, and is currently at Stanford pursuing BS & MS degrees. In previous summers, he has worked at Apple and Nextdoor.

Evie Gillie


Evie recently joined Sift after completing a MS at Stanford. She loves Ultimate Frisbee, the outdoors, and mining massive datasets. In past summers she interned at Google and Facebook.

Tony Chu


Tony is constantly thinking about how design helps people understand and act. Before Sift, he studied interaction design at the School of Visual Arts, and tried to fix Congress with a fancy infographic.

Kevin Clark


Kevin enjoys machine learning, natural language processing, travel, and the outdoors. He recently graduated from the University of Washington, where he worked on opinion mining research and spent a summer interning at Facebook.

Bernd Verst

Solutions Engineer

Bernd enjoys board games, playing piano, Swing dancing, hiking, and problem-solving. Before Sift he worked at Google providing developer support and application architecture review for Google Cloud Platform, focussing on App Engine.

Tai-Jin Lee


Tai-Jin enjoys playing piano, playing and watching Starcraft, munching on esoteric foods, and automating everything. Before Sift he was the jack of all trades at HealthLoop and TrialPay.

Andrey Gusev


Andrey enjoys machine learning, search, NLP, and distributed systems. Before Sift, Andrey was a lead engineer at salesforce.com working on search and machine learning systems; grad student researching NLP at Stanford, and a student at Illinois.

Benji Stein


Benji comes to Sift after working in New York City for several years on internal tools at Google and in Finance. He enjoys brainteasers, exploration of all kinds, dancing, boardgames, and the oxford comma.

Emily Chin


Emily is particularly passionate about proper grammar and punctuation, lunges, and baked goods. Her background includes teaching at USC, a Master of Public Diplomacy degree, and 3 years managing Nike marketing accounts. She enjoys running slowly and being overly enthusiastic.

Aaron Beppu


Aaron loves playing with data, but also enjoys travel, seitan, bossa nova guitar, and hugging strangers online. Previously he has worked on search ranking, datamining, analytics infrastructure and distributed systems at Etsy and A9.

Austin Lee


Austin loves math, especially discrete mathematics. He also loves to learn. He is studying Software Engineering and Combinatorics & Optimization at the University of Waterloo.

Micah Wylde


Micah loves building reliable distributed systems, folk music and the outdoors. Before Sift he was working on large-scale data processing infrastructure at Quantcast.

Alex Lopatin


Alex enjoys exploring the city, befriending dogs, eating burritos, and building cool stuff such as web apps, games, and 3d models. Before Sift, he was an intern at Rdio and InternMatch, and a student at Illinois.

Robert Sami


Robert loves math, machine learning, and distributed systems. When he isn't working, Robert enjoys playing basketball, poker, Settlers of Catan, and Starcraft. He is studying Computer Science at Princeton.

Katherine Loh

Solutions Engineer

Katherine enjoys baking, rock climbing & chasing her dog. Prior to Sift, she supported strategic partnerships for Google Chrome and Google Registry.

Mila Krivoruchko


Mila loves technology and innovation. Before Sift, she managed large eCommerce partnerships at Google and worked on private equity deals at Deutsche Bank. She enjoys spending time outdoors, practicing yoga and singing karaoke with friends.

Sripad Sriram

Product Manager

Sripad is passionate about data, cooking, road biking and live music. Prior to Sift, Sripad worked in product, marketing and data science roles at LinkedIn and Path as well as spending some time researching health care and water delivery at a non-profit in India.

Erica Schild

Business Associate

Erica loves solving complex business problems and creating change in organizations. Prior to Sift, she worked on implementing new regulatory requirements for a regional bank. She studied Russian at Yale and enjoys cooking, music, yoga, and traveling.

Lizbit Renteria


Lizbit loves gathering and organizing information, food, and nature. Her favorite activities include playing MMORG's, reading, and upcycling.



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We're honored to be backed by industry experts in e-commerce, payments, and fraud.

  • Alex Rampell, TrialPay CEO
  • Alexis Ohanian, Reddit Co-founder
  • Chris Dixon, Andreesen Horowitz Partner
  • First Round Capital
  • Founder Collective
  • Garry Tan, YC Partner
  • Harj Taggar, YC Partner
  • Kevin Scott, LinkedIn SVP Engineering
  • Lee Linden, Karma CEO
  • Marc Benioff, Salesforce.com CEO
  • Max Levchin, PayPal Co-founder
  • Rich Barton, Expedia & Zillow.com Co-founder
  • Start Fund
  • SV Angel
  • Union Square Ventures
  • Y Combinator