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About Sift Science

Sift Science is a tight-knit team with a passion for data. In past lives, we've worked on e-commerce analytics, payments, anti-spam, sentiment analysis, speech recognition, search quality, text recognition, and more.

We're looking for great people to join us in San Francisco, CA. We like board games, yummy food, and interesting problems.

Jason Tan


Jason loves beautiful user interfaces and building amazing teams. Before Sift, he was the CTO at BuzzLabs, first engineer at Optify, and an early engineer at Zillow.

Fred Sadaghiani


Fred loves building well-designed, robust, scalable systems. Before Sift, he was a tech lead at Google, Principal Engineer at Jambool, CTO at Teachstreet, product lead at Zillow, and engineer at Amazon.

Doug Beeferman

Software Engineer

Doug loves analyzing and visualizing data. Before Sift, he worked at Google on ads quality, IP geolocation, speech recognition, and economics; a research scientist at Lycos and a grad student at CMU.

Jacob Burnim

Director of Engineering

Jacob joins Sift after finishing his PhD on lightweight specifications for parallel software at UC Berkeley. Before Berkeley, he applied machine learning to search ranking at Google.

Gary Lee

Software Engineer

Gary loves the outdoors and enjoys creating nice things that augment data with human intellect. He graduated from Stanford with a BS and most of an MS in Computer Science. He has worked as an Engineer and a Product Manager at Apple and Nextdoor.

Tai-Jin Lee

Software Engineer

Tai-Jin enjoys playing piano, playing and watching Starcraft, munching on esoteric foods, and automating everything. Before Sift he was the jack of all trades at HealthLoop and TrialPay.

Andrey Gusev

Tech Lead

Andrey enjoys machine learning, search, NLP, and distributed systems. Before Sift, Andrey was a lead engineer at working on search and machine learning systems; a grad student researching NLP at Stanford, and a student at Illinois.

Emily Chin

Brand Manager

Emily loves proper grammar, sending gifs, eating cake, reading books, beach naps, and petting dogs. She holds a Master in Public Diplomacy, and brings experience in team building, branding, and experiential marketing.

Aaron Beppu

Tech Lead

Aaron loves playing with data, but also enjoys travel, seitan, bossa nova guitar, and hugging strangers online. Previously he has worked on search ranking, datamining, analytics infrastructure and distributed systems at Etsy and A9.

Micah Wylde

Tech Lead

Micah loves building reliable distributed systems, folk music and the outdoors. Before Sift he was working on large-scale data processing infrastructure at Quantcast.

Katherine Loh

Solutions Engineer

Katherine enjoys baking, rock climbing & chasing her dog. Prior to Sift, she supported strategic partnerships for Google Chrome and Google Registry.

Liz Young

Director of People Operations

Liz was a singer in a past life. She currently spends her days focused on acquiring, retaining, training, and supporting Sift's amazing talent. She has previously worked with other Bay Area startups in technical recruiting and people operations. Liz is a huge fan of mediterranean food, red wine, hiking, camping, and delicious coffee.

Sripad Sriram

Product Manager

Sripad is passionate about data, cooking, road biking and live music. Prior to Sift, Sripad worked in product, marketing and data science roles at LinkedIn and Path as well as spending some time researching health care and water delivery at a non-profit in India.

Erica Schild

Business Associate

Erica loves solving complex business problems and creating change in organizations. Prior to Sift, she worked on implementing new regulatory requirements for a regional bank. She studied Russian at Yale and enjoys cooking, music, yoga, and traveling.

Kai Morrison

Operations Manager

Kai loves creating organization, procedures, best practice policies, and other things that people usually want someone else to do. His past lives include Light Designer for events, Fight Choreographer for stage and film, and professional actor.

Taylor Lentz

Software Engineer

Taylor loves Senor Sisig, Ice Cream, Ultimate, swimming, hiking, math, and shoes. Taylor just graduated from Tufts and in the past she has spent time at Rdio, Salesforce, Google, and MobileRealtyApps.

Keren Gu

Software Engineer

Keren loves sailing, math, cats, hiking and camping, reading modern literature over warm beverages, and obsessively organizing things into their perfect places. Prior to Sift, she received her Master's from MIT in Computer Science.

Yoav Schatzberg

Solutions Engineer

Yoav enjoys rock climbing, surfing, exploring San Francisco, and all-you-can-eat restaurants of all types. Before Sift Yoav worked as a Software Engineer on Software Defined Networking at Intel.

Crystal Leanza

Executive Assistant

Crystal loves hardware stores, infographics, and Earl Grey. In her free time she wanders the wilderness looking for interesting rocks. Prior to Sift, she spent time in the Peace Corps and nonprofit realm.

John McSpedon

Software Engineer

John enjoys cycling, mountain biking, outdoor sports, and travel. Last summer he interned at Facebook. He recently graduated Princeton with a degree in Computer Science.

Sarfaraz Rydhan

Solutions Engineer

Sarfaraz is an avid fan of the Oakland Raiders and enjoys watching 90's cartoons with his boys. Prior to Sift, he worked at ecommerce companies as an engineer and entrepreneur.

Alex Paino

Software Engineer

Alex enjoys rooting for the St. Louis Cardinals, hiking, travelling, and eating Thai food. He recently graduated from the University of Missouri, where he did ML research while earning BS's in Math and Computer Engineering. Prior to Sift, Alex interned at Microsoft and Facebook.

Hilfi Alkaff

Software Engineer

Hilfi loves traveling, playing badminton and trying out new bubble tea places in the Bay Area. He is a proud graduate of UIUC and UC Berkeley.

Eugenia Ho

Communications Designer

Eugenia enjoys pina coladas, playing video games, eating and watching movies. She recently graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree in Art History and Art Practice. Prior to Sift, she worked as a product designer at Klout.

Noah Grant

Software Engineer

Noah loves third wave coffees and mid-shelf bourbons, and can often be found dreaming of biking from one end of Europe to another. He graduated a few years ago from UC Berkeley and previously worked in three other engineering disciplines before getting hooked on programming.

Kanak Biscuitwala

Software Engineer

Kanak is a huge sports and technology enthusiast. Prior to joining Sift, he built distributed systems at LinkedIn, and brought mobile and social to journalism and finance at Stanford.

Lynda Phan


Lynda is a Bay Area native and loves dogs, garlic noodles, HIIT and dessert. Prior to Sift, Lynda recruited for Google, in addition to companies within Finance, Accounting and BioPharma industries.

Zorah Fung

Software Engineer

Zorah spends her free time cooking, crafting, solving puzzles and building a collection of musical instruments. In addition to working at Sift, Zorah will be joining the UW CSE Faculty as a Lecturer in January 2016 to fulfill her passion for teaching.

Miguel Veloz

Strategic Account Manager

Miguel enjoys cooking, politics, reading, foreign languages, and all-night discussions on the nexus of art and pop culture. He's on a quest for the perfect London Fog. He graduated from Yale and worked in Google's Large Customer Sales division for several years.

Bill Hodak

Head of Marketing

Bill loves data, analytics, and fighting bad guys. Prior to Sift he led product marketing for New Relic and held product management and marketing roles at VMWare and Oracle.

Samir Rao

Business Associate

Samir enjoys watching mind-bending thrillers, consuming tacos and other delicious food, and thinking about how to make life more efficient. Prior to Sift, he was an investment banker at JP Morgan.

Nick Hurlburt

Software Engineer

After working at Amazon, Nick did humanitarian work in Asia and Africa before coming back and finding a place at Sift. He continues to volunteer with non-profits when he isn't hunting for the best khao soi in San Francisco.

Che-Liang Chiou

Software Engineer

Che-Liang enjoys reading comics. He wrote firmware for Chrome OS and data logging service for Android at Google. He is a terrible driver by the way.

Aaron Tietz

Solutions Engineer

Aaron used to be a preschool teacher in San Diego, often answering to the name King Triton #LittleMermaid #makebelieveontheplayground. More recently, he writes and films sketch comedy skits, somehow convincing his friends to be in them. Also, he loves bananas. And laughing with people. And bananas.

Vinson Lee

Business Development

Vinson is an adventurer and loves building rockstar teams. Prior to Sift, Vinson led operations initiatives for Google’s Commerce Risk team and data driven optimization for Disney Parks and Resorts.

Zeeshan Yoonas

Head of Sales

Zee enjoys competing (hoops, scrabble, tennis) and teaching (two boys in elementary school leave him no choice). Prior to Sift he led sales at Twilio, and business development for EC2 at Amazon Web Services.

Michelle Arguelles

Account Manager

Michelle loves traveling, a good sitcom, and a good cheese. Prior to Sift, she worked as a Risk Analyst at WePay. She graduated from Boston College with a degree in International Studies.

Nikhil Chari

Account Executive

Nikhil enjoys travelling and learning new things. Lately he's been getting back into basketball. Prior to Sift, he worked as an Account Executive at Twilio and Checkr, and played poker before that.

Sam Talaie

Tech Lead Manager

When he's not out hiking or practicing his photography skills, Sam is working on problems at the intersection of engineering and machine learning. Prior to Sift, he built systems powering Apple’s retail and online stores.

Saad Munif

Sr. Manager Demand Generation

Saad enjoys playing and watching sports, mainly football and basketball and is usually busy chasing around his two toddlers. Before Sift he was responsible for lead generation at Twilio and online marketing at Sybase.

Sarah Beldo

Sr. Content Marketing Manager

Sarah loves words, design, food, traveling, and living in the Bay Area. Before Sift, she worked with content at LinkedIn, LexisNexis, and a handful of smaller companies.

Vishal Arya

Business Development Manager

Vishal enjoys economic history, basketball, and the (slow) journey towards membership in the 1000-pound club. Prior to Sift, he led merchant partnerships at Marqeta and worked in business development at Intel.

Warren Harper

Sr. Designer

Warren loves surfing, skydiving and the outdoors. Prior to joining Sift, he worked as a designer at Red Bull and lead creative for a Big Data startup. Originally from South Africa, he moved to California in 2013 and loves it.

Janice Lan

Software Engineer

Janice loves traveling, music, table tennis, cute animals, and Japanese food. She hopes to make the world a better place with machine learning and AI. Prior to Sift, she did her bachelors and masters in Computer Science at Stanford.

Megan Mann

Associate Product Manager Intern

Megan enjoys organizing items and learning new things. Prior to Sift, Megan worked in customer support and product management at Bridgewater Associates, building analytics tools for economists.

Karen Tsay

Head of Business Operations

A builder and problem-solver, Karen came to Sift from Google where she held various executive positions in Business Operations, Global Partnership Development, and Finance. Karen has an MBA from Yale. She is an avid traveler who enjoys photography, yoga, food and fine wines.

Hristijan Bogoevski

Software Engineer Intern

Hristijan's free time is usually dedicated to playing various strategy games and watching shows with offbeat humor. He studies at University of Waterloo majoring in Computer Science and minoring in Psychology. In the past, he interned at Facebook and Asana.

Nick Priestley

Account Executive

Nick enjoys stand up comedy, collecting sneakers, and finding new restaurants in the Bay Area. Before joining Sift, Nick worked as an Account Executive at Twilio and a Manager at Apple Retail.

Marcus Rider

Business Development Associate

Marcus enjoys everything that is “the outdoors,” traveling, studying languages, and books. Prior to Sift he studied religion at Carleton College, after which he studied Arabic in the MENA region and the US. He was also interning for a time with the business development team at Vimbly, a Manhattan startup.

Galen Cook

Web Developer Intern

Galen, a UNC grad, formerly taught math and science to 7th graders in Hawai'i. Spoiled by tropical life, she still hasn't gotten used to the "cold" here in San Francisco, but regardless likes to spend as much time outside as possible. She is regularly seen doing cartwheels and ogling at passing puppies.

Danish Noorani

Software Engineer Intern

Danish enjoys trying new restaurants, playing basketball, and practicing meditation. He is a Junior studying Computer Science at UIUC, and has previously interned at Rithmio and Urban Leash.



We're hiring!

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Investors and Advisors

We're honored to be backed by industry experts in e-commerce, payments, and fraud.

  • Alex Rampell, TrialPay CEO
  • Alexis Ohanian, Reddit Co-founder
  • Chris Dixon, Andreessen Horowitz Partner
  • First Round Capital
  • Founder Collective
  • Garry Tan, YC Partner
  • Harj Taggar, YC Partner
  • Jamie Tomasello, Board Advisor, Trust and Safety
  • Kevin Scott, LinkedIn SVP Engineering
  • Lee Linden, Karma CEO
  • Marc Benioff, CEO
  • Max Levchin, PayPal Co-founder
  • Rich Barton, Expedia & Co-founder
  • Spark Capital
  • Start Fund
  • SV Angel
  • Union Square Ventures
  • Y Combinator