Guide to Preventing Payment Fraud with Sift Science

Learn How Sift Science Payment Fraud Prevention Allows You to Automatically Accept More Payments

Need to scale your business without scaling your payment fraud problem? Sift Science payment fraud prevention can help you achieve just that. In this webinar, peek beneath the hood to learn about the real-time machine learning technology that enables us to reduce chargebacks, tour the Sift Science console and learn how integration is just a few simple steps away.

Yoav Schatzberg Solutions Engineer, Sift Science

Yoav Schatzberg has been enabling exceptional customer experiences with Sift Science for close to three years. As a solutions engineer, Yoav has helped numerous customers solve their most challenging trust and safety problems. In a past life, as a software engineer - Yoav was a tinkerer and builder helping design next-generation Software Defined Networking devices.