Automated fraud prevention for SaaS companies

Keep your platform free of scammers and end trial abuse with real-time machine learning.

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“Having a reliable and sustainable fraud solution is crucial. I don’t have to worry about fraud, and my team can focus on the bigger picture.”
- Simon Kreuz, Co-founder

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One powerful platform prevents all types of fraud

Whether you're wrestling with users abusing your free trials or scammers looking to exploit your data, Sift Science can help.

Our machine learning technology constantly uncovers new fraud patterns and applies those learnings in real time.

  • Boost conversions

    Deliver a simple, smooth signup experience – without increasing risk.

  • Stop trial abuse

    Prevent users from creating new accounts to game your free trial system

  • Prevent fake signups

    Keep malicious users from gaining access to valuable customer information.

A fraud solution tailored to your needs

Easy-to-implement APIs and a cloud-hosted solution make for quick, easy, and accurate results.

  • Thousands of data points analyzed

    We present a holistic picture of a user's risk, based on thousands of identity and behavioral signals.

  • Custom models that keep learning

    Send data unique to your SaaS business, and your machine learning model will grow increasingly accurate and effective.

  • Real-time decisions

    Our machine learning models recalculate risk scores every time a user takes action on your app, or on any app or website in our network.

  • Built-in automation tools

    It's easy to set up automated fraud-management workflows that integrate with your backend systems.