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Make Decisions

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# Action IDs are available in the Sift Science Console
HOLD_ACTION = "557105732e1d36caeaa8d74e"
FULFILL_ACTION = "557105ee2e1d36caeaa8d74f"

def handle_checkout(order):
  # Send Sift Science data related to this order
  sift_client.track(“$create_order”, order, return_action=True)

  transaction = process_payment()

  # Send Sift Science data related to the transaction 
  # and ask for what Actions to take
  response = sift_client.track("$transaction", transaction, return_action=True)

  # Parse the response body and determine
  # whether the HOLD_ACTION was returned -
  # if so, hold the order
  action_ids = [action["id"] for action in response["actions"]]
  if HOLD_ORDER in action_ids:

  # Else, fulfill the order