Confidently enable same-day money transfers – without risk

Stop fraud and increase revenue with real-time machine learning.

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50% fewer manual reviews

70% of fraud caught in the top 2% of transactions

“Sift Science helps make it very accessible to fight fraud on a world-class level.”
- Nate Spanier, Director of Operations

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Get a holistic picture of your users

Our machine learning scores users, not transactions, based on thousands of behavioral and identity signals. That means you get an accurate, nuanced view of who's sending money to whom, across all devices – mobile, desktop, and mobile web.

  • Block fraud in real time

    Stop fraudulent money transfers before they happen, across every channel your users do business on.

  • Increase first-time approval rates

    Accurate real-time decisions empower you to instantly approve same-day money transfers between legitimate users.

  • Stay ahead of fraudsters

    Leverage up-to-the-milisecond learnings about fraud patterns to hone your fraud prevention operations.

All the data to prevent fraud, in one place

Easy-to-implement APIs and a cloud-hosted solution make for quick, easy, and accurate results.

  • Real-time user-based risk scores

    Supplement your existing ID checks with risk-based authentication based on thousands of identity and behavioral signals.

  • Continual monitoring and updating

    Our machine learning models recalculate risk scores every time a user takes action on your site, or on any app or website in our network.

  • Learnings from a global customer base

    Our technology learns from the tetrabytes of data Sift Science processes from 12,000+ sites and apps across the world.

  • Custom models that keep learning

    Send data unique to your remittance business, and your machine learning model will grow increasingly accurate and effective.

Fraud prevention tailored to your remittance business

Our solution is fully customizable to your data and fraud detection needs. Sift Science can learn from any data you send us.

Examples of custom fields:
  • Corridor
  • Recipient information
  • Delivery Type
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