Payment gateway? Protect your merchants with real-time fraud prevention

Your merchants are counting on you to keep acceptance rates high and keep their chargeback rates low. We can help with that.

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15% growth in conversion rate

0 full-time employees focused on fraud

"Thanks to Sift Science, we don’t really have manual reviews anymore. Fraud is no longer a full-time responsibility."
- Mark Anthony Spiteri, Head of Product and Business

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We work with payment gateways worldwide

Merchants want the complete package in a payment platform: speed, simplicity, and — of course — security. Use Sift Science to stop fraud before the payment is authorized or captured.

Our console surfaces risky orders and provides all the information needed to make decisions by your internal team or the merchant's team. Use our built-in tools to automate any type of action: accept, reject, send SMS verification, and more.

  • Maximize conversions, minimize fraud

    Set merchants up with the tools they need to both minimize bottom-line damage and grow their top line.

  • Earn merchants' loyalty

    Using our customized machine learning models, you can provide each merchant with protection uniquely suited to their business.

  • Be proactive, not reactive

    Our global model automatically protects all your merchants, in real time. No costly model update fees or extra integration work.

Leverage the power of machine learning

  • Custom models for your merchants

    Our provisioning API generates a machine learning model tailored to each merchant — with no integration effort on their part

  • Learnings from a global customer base

    Send data unique to your business, and your machine learning model will grow increasingly accurate and effective.

  • Real-time decisions and automation

    Use our built-in automation tools to set up merchant-specific workflows that make sense for their unique businesses.

  • Business flexibility

    Our relationship is with you. Our pricing scales with growth, and you have full pricing control on how you provide Sift Science to your merchants.

We help you help your merchants

Intelligently route transactions

Sift Scores tell you how risky a user is, so you can easily decide whether they should be sent to 3D-Secure — or enjoy a frictionless checkout experience.

Dynamically change payment options

Based on a user's risk profile, you can show them all possible payment options, or a specific subset tailored just to them.

Easily add or delete rules per merchant

You or your merchant can tailor automated accept/reject rules directly in the console, without a developer.

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