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Help your merchants fight fraud with our fraud detection solution.

Whether you're an ecommerce platform, digital agency or a payment gateway, Sift Science lets you seamlessly eliminate fraud for your merchants.

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Why partner with Sift Science?

Win-win economics

Boost your merchants' profits by decreasing fraud losses and increase your revenue by offering Sift Science as a value-add feature.

Incredible accuracy

Our powerful machine-learning based platform can reduce chargeback rates by up to 95%.

Flexible integration

Integrate Sift Science into your customer-facing products or empower your internal teams to fight fraud on behalf of merchants.

Sift Science Partner API

Our simple and secure API lets you create Sift Science accounts, send transaction data and train our machine-learning platform to identify fraud on behalf of your merchants. Our solutions engineering team is only a phone call away to help you get started.

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