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Your on-demand business needs super‑swift fraud detection

Instantly block bad users and smooth the way for your good customers with Sift Science.

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Mobile commerce travels at the speed of life

Whether you have a ride-sharing app or grocery delivery service, it's all about instant gratification. But removing friction for your customers can open the door for fraudsters who target on-demand businesses for quick wins.

Sift Science's machine learning-based fraud detection gives you the power to instantly analyze thousands of signals and know — with confidence — who to block.

  • Real-Time Fulfillment

    Customers expect their orders to arrive fast — we're talking hours or even minutes. With no time to manually review transactions, you need an automated fraud solution you can trust.

  • Streamlined Ordering

    The less customer info you ask for, the more you open yourself to risk. We'll help you make it easy for your good users to fly through and darn near impossible for the fraudsters.

  • Referral Programs

    Rewarding your customers for sending you new business is a win-win — except when you've got fraudsters creating fake accounts to drum up credits and abuse the system.

We've got a unique solution

Easy-to-implement APIs and a cloud-hosted solution make for quick, easy, and accurate results.

  • Large-Scale Machine Learning

    Get more accurate fraud prevention with your own custom machine learning model that learns in real-time and gets smarter the more data you send it.

  • Real-Time Intelligence

    Accept, block, or review? Know with certainty what action to take, even when it's only seconds between the click of a "buy" button and when your business loses to fraudsters.

  • The Network

    We detect fraud across industries, spanning all continents. Just getting started or entering a new market? No problem! Leverage the network effect to stop bad guys before they target your business.

  • Automated APIs and Formulas

    Thanks to our easy-to-configure APIs and cloud-based solution, Sift Science will be hard at work for you in no time. With data streaming automatically between Sift Science and your application, you'll be able to pinpoint fraudsters fast.

Customize your integration to meet your specific needs

Our solution is fully customizable to your data and fraud detection needs. Often times the best clues are unique to your business. We'll factor in whatever you throw at us.

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Fraud Fighting Tip

Know that pizzas bought in bulk are fraudier? Send any indicator to us for analysis.

Founded in 2010, EatStreet is looking to redefine how restaurants reach and interact with their customers. Offering easy food ordering across devices and social media, EatStreet continues to expand across the U.S., adding new restaurants and diners.

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