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Cleaning Up Ecommerce Tips on how to fight and win chargebacks


Ecommerce continues to boom but dealing with chargebacks can be a bust. Get insights from Chargeback Software Engineer J-kai Hsu from Square and Kevin Lee from Sift Science on how merchants fight (and win) chargebacks via automation and by working with their payment processors.

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Congrats! You’ve successfully weathered your way through another holiday season. It was hard, but you launched a great marketing campaign, had strong sales, and are “in the black.” You’re sitting pretty. get your first chargeback of the new year. It turns out that $300 order that you shipped overnight may not have been really placed by the legit credit card holder. What are you going to do about this unexpected piece of coal?

In this webinar, you'll learn:

  • Insights into the end-to-end chargeback process
  • Tips on how to automate and work with acquiring banks and payment processors
  • Tactics for winning chargebacks

Your Webinar Hosts

Kevin Lee

Trust & Safety Architect, Sift Science

Kevin is driven by building high performing teams and systems to combat malicious behavior. He has worked for the last 10+ years around developing strategies, tools and teams responsible for billions of users and dollars of revenue. Prior to Sift Science, Kevin worked as a manager at Facebook, Square and Google where he lead various risk, chargeback, spam and trust and safety organizations.

J-kai Hsu

Chargeback Software Engineer, Square, Inc.

J-kai has been at Square for over five years. He specializes in designing and building systems for chargebacks automation that has processed over one-billion dollars. Prior to Square, J-kai has worked at Wells Fargo, Nielsen, and Safeway in a broad range of roles spanning from marketing campaign analytics to funneling customer acquisitions.

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