Fraud analytics

Protect your business. Grow your business.

Turn fraud prevention into your competitive advantage with real-time visibility.

One reporting system to view them all

Regardless of the type of fraud and abuse you’re fighting or the systems you’re using, Sift centralizes metrics across all time, so you get a complete view of the impact of fraud.

Payment abuse

The bottom (and top) line

See how fraud affects your bottom line, and grow your top line with insights on transactions, orders, and chargebacks.

Account takeover

User trust

Secure customer accounts by monitoring ATO trends and dynamically adjusting verification challenges.

Content abuse

Community integrity

Protect your customers from scams and spam with metrics on bad listings, abusive messages, and more.

Account abuse

No bad users

Know who your valid users are with reports on bad and blocked accounts.

“At a glance, I can easily see how my team is tracking against our KPIs and make real-time adjustments as needed. When I want to dive deeper or review with leadership, built in reporting helps me measure exactly how Sift is helping grow our business, reduce fraud, and keep our marketplace safe.”

Pascual Artero | Chargeback Supervisor | Mercari

The more you know

Manage your fraud operations more intelligently with key insights:

What is my overall fraud rate?
What is my chargeback rate over time?
What percentage of decisions are made manually v. automatically?
How is my user base growing over time?
How much friction are my users experiencing?
How much content is being flagged by users?

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Accelerate growth without inviting more risk.