Fight fraud with data

Beat fraudsters and improve operations with powerful, real-time analytics.

Dive deep with dashboards

Sift Insights reports on every aspect of fraud management – from financial impact to analyst performance and more  – so you can measure your fraud team’s success, optimize performance, and block more fraud.

Visibility beyond just chargebacks

Get the full picture

Understand the total impact of fraud with centralized information about all the fraud you see and decisions you make.

Operate better

Make smarter decisions and build better rules using built-in reports on analyst performance and business logic.

Empower with knowledge

Export reports to customize your analysis. Tune fraud-fighting efforts based on your team’s KPIs.

Know your business

Get the insights you need to make better data-driven decisions.

Talk to an expert

“Sift Insights enables me to go to the VP of Finance, COO, and other leaders with a comprehensive report demonstrating the value Sift and our fraud operations bring to the business – without me having to cobble spreadsheets together.”

John Page | Merchant Processing Director | ChowNow

Smarter than your average reporting


Sift Insights looks across multiple currencies, payment gateways, and data sources to give you the most complete view of your business.


Report on all the data you’ve sent, no matter when you’ve sent it, and hone in on specific time ranges that you want to understand in more depth.


Get the latest information with analytics that update instantly, so you can be sure you know exactly where things stand.


Download reports you need for deeper analysis or to share with other teams, so everyone can work together to fight fraud.

Get started now

Easy integration, and protection with our global network from day one.

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