Day 1–5

Plan and scope – we can help!

Talk to Sift Science fraud experts – we work with you to understand your needs and design a trial that quickly lets you see immediate benefits. We’ll show you how to best integrate with us and get the most out of your experience.

Days 6–15

Connect your data feeds to Sift Science.

Send us as much data as you can, so our machine learning models can learn from your past events and analyze new events in real time. We take in both frontend (JavaScript, iOS/Android SDK) and backend (Rest API) components. We can help validate whether the integration is successful before your trial begins.

Days 16–45

Make the most of your trial.

This is your time to see how well Sift Science can support your trust and safety needs. Provide feedback and watch how the machine learning model responds. The more information we get, the better we can help you identify good and bad users. Learn more.

Day 45

Review your trust and safety insights.

Still not sure what Sift Science can do for you? Sift Science experts provide a deeper look into the value you were already seeing in your trial and give you insights into how you can maximize your trust & safety ROI. See examples here.

Day 45+

Put your trust and safety plan into action.

Work with Sift Science to quickly build on the success seen in the trial and create a platform of trust across your organization.