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How Traveloka increased real-time bookings and stopped account takeover attempts

Traveloka is a leading Southeast Asia travel company that provides travel and lifestyle booking services for domestic and international destinations. Traveloka helps customers book various products of transportation, accommodation, and lifestyle quickly, easily, and economically. Focusing on the best end-to-end user experience, Traveloka offers exclusive deals, no hidden fees, as well as real-time confirmations. Traveloka turned to Sift Science to reduce their fraud false-positive rate, decrease their amount of account takeover incidents, and keep their legitimate customers happy with a frictionless experience.


Less traffic to 3D Secure


More orders accepted

Low ATO rate despite customer growth

Told from the perspective of

Wayan Tresna Perdana,Sr. Product Manager - User Platform
“Sift Science helps us to identify more good customers and reduce the number of transactions that have to be authenticated, thus reducing payment friction and increasing overall conversion. It also detects more ATO than our rules-based system could, and the console makes it easy for our team to investigate suspicious cases and take action quickly.”


A smart booking platform for savvy travelers

Jakarta-based Traveloka is Indonesia’s number one platform for booking flights and getting great deals on hotels. With an ever-growing number of visitors to the site, this company has grown to offices in Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, and the Philippines. Traveloka’s business is booming in the Southeast Asian market and – following on the heels of legitimate customers – fraudsters are creeping into the fold.


Account takeover and too much friction degraded trust

As a Sift customer, Traveloka’s volume of fraud is miniscule, and the Traveloka team is committed to keeping that fraud rate low. Traveloka sees two main types of abuse: 1) payment fraud coming from stolen credit cards and 2) account takeover (ATO) stemming from stolen credentials and social engineering schemes. Both these problems lead to financial loss but, more importantly, damaged user trust and brand reputation. In order to combat these problems, Traveloka dedicated an internal team to fraud and risk, developing a series of elaborate fraud rules that attempted to provide an automated first screening of all orders.

However, as the range of customers on the site changed, Traveloka’s rules-based system couldn’t keep up. When it came to payment fraud, they experienced many false positives that were blocking good customers and their orders, leading to poor customer experience. On the ATO side, static rules were missing a lot of cases, weren’t able to adapt quickly enough to emerging trends, and resulted in a lot of false positives, blocking legitimate users from accessing the site. Traveloka wanted to maintain their low fraud rate for both payments and ATO while also reducing friction for legitimate customers falsely caught in the rules filters. This led Traveloka to search for a flexible and adaptive solution.

“When our anti-fraud rules rejected too many legitimate transactions, we engaged with Sift Science to reduce that number of false positives and stay ahead of real fraudsters.”


Custom machine learning models and behavioral data for multiple types of abuse

In keeping with Traveloka’s focus on smart solutions and innovation, they began investigating machine-learning based solutions to replace their rules-based system. Big data was already an integral part of Traveloka’s customer service, marketing, and fraud operations. And now the product team – headed by Wayan Perdana – was tasked with finding an adaptive solution that reduced false positives, identified more ATO incidents, and could increase conversions. He turned to Sift Science because of its sophisticated machine learning platform that scales with growth, adapts to new fraud patterns, and accurately separates good users from bad.

Traveloka integrated with Sift Science to detect both types of fraud. Traveloka has two separate, custom machine learning models that leverage behavioral data – one for payment abuse and the second for ATO – to identify suspicious cases. Traveloka saw accurate results within weeks, giving them the ability to reduce friction for legitimate, paying customers and preemptively identify more ATO attempts at the point of login. Additionally, the Sift Science console provides Traveloka’s team an easy-to-use interface for investigating both payment fraud and compromised accounts. They can work faster and be more productive thanks to the holistic picture it paints of the user’s activity.

“We believe in an adaptive machine-learning approach to fraud management. Sift Science’s web interface and API were quite simple and straightforward.”


Faster checkout for happy customers; fewer ATO incidents

With Sift Science, Traveloka was able to accept twice the amount of orders that were previously blocked by their rules system. They also crafted a better customer experience that reduced traffic to 3D Secure by 3x. On top of that, they have seen fewer ATO cases overall thanks to Sift’s detection abilities.

A network of trust

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