Sift Science gives us protection for our business and our customers. It saves us time and money and protects the intellectual and technical aspects of our company.

Mohit MelwaniCPO and Co-founder


  • Design-to-delivery menswear company

  • Growing quickly


  • Chargeback rate hovering at 8-10%

  • Co-founder spent hours each day manually reviewing new orders


  • Easy integration with Combat Gent’s backend system

  • Sift Science serves as a one-stop shop for preventing fraud


  • Reduced chargeback rate to <1%

  • Hours saved each day can be devoted to growing core business


Since launching in 2012, Combat Gent has grown quickly. By owning the entire production process from textiles to assembly, Combat Gent is able to offer premium suits and tuxedos for the price of a typical rental. To add to their growing online presence, they recently launched their first retail store in Santa Monica, California, and are gearing up to add even more offline experiences and partnerships, along with new product lines and collections.


Like so many e-commerce businesses, as Combat Gent grew, they found themselves dealing with more and more fraudsters making purchases with stolen credit card information. To their dismay, they started noticing that their system would sometimes unwittingly ship packages to abandoned locations or forwarding services. As a result, they were facing a costly chargeback problem.

In the beginning, Mohit Melwani – CPO and co-founder at Combat Gent – was the only person working on trying to stop fraud, without any kind of formal procedures in place. He used a “guess-and-check” method where he’d look for red flags and abnormal patterns, like peculiar shipping addresses and invalid emails, to identify potential fraud.

This process was extremely time-consuming and unscalable, taking Mohit’s valuable time away from growing his core business. He also found that although he was catching some fraud, there were countless other fraudulent orders that were slipping through – particularly when the signs of fraud were not obvious.


As a product- and technology-driven company, Combat Gent was looking for a fraud solution that employed similarly innovative technology. While shopping around for a fraud solution, they were impressed by Sift Science’s sophisticated machine learning-based approach to stopping fraud proactively, with a simple API integration.

Sift Science’s open API smoothly and easily integrated with Combat Gent’s proprietary backend system. The solution was up and running within 48 hours, and Sift Science began identifying bad actors immediately.

“Integration was very simple. Sift Science started identifying fraudulent orders the day we integrated, and it only took a few weeks to get it to a 95% accuracy rate.”

When it came time to train Combat Gent’s customer service department on how to use the new tool, Sift Science’s intuitive and user-friendly console made it simple to learn. And as Combat Gent sent more and more data, and their machine learning model became tuned to the unique needs of their business, they starting relying on Sift Science as their only tool for preventing fraud and chargebacks.

“The ability to train Sift and make it intuitively smarter by giving it feedback is another feature we love. Fraudsters only get smarter, and we can rest assured that the software is adapting, too.”

Now, the team uses Sift Science’s highly accurate Sift Scores to get a quick glimpse into whether or not an order is fraudulent, which saves them significant time compared with their previous fraud-prevention methods. They also leverage the IP location feature to see where orders are actually coming from, which gives them valuable insights they use beyond fraud management alone.


Combat Gent has seen incredible results since they integrated Sift Science, slashing their chargeback rate from between 8% and 10% to less than 1%. In addition to reduced chargeback fees, Combat Gent has also seen significant savings on shipping and logistics costs from not processing fraudulent orders.

Furthermore, Combat Gent estimates that they save at least a few hours every day by using Sift Science instead of manually reviewing new orders. According to CPO and Co-founder Mohit Melwani, Sift Science “really serves as our fraud department now.” Gone are the days of manually hunting for suspicious addresses and relying on gut instinct. Now, this forward-thinking business has a comprehensive fraud-prevention tool they can trust to keep fraudsters at bay.